What's Going On in The Zone?


Take Action Against Unjust Marketing and Promotion of Menthol Tobacco

A statewide initiative aims to put a spotlight on how the tobacco industry has specifically targeted youth, African Americans, LGBTQ+ communities for decades with its aggressive marketing of menthol products.                               The “It’s Not Just” campaign is focused on ending the misconception that menthol is just a flavor.

It’s not just an injustice, it’s killing people.

On April 28th, 2022, the FDA proposed rules to eliminate menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars. This has the potential to save many lives and reduce health disparities. However, we know the tobacco industry will do what it can to fight this measure. A measure like this hits the industry's bottom line.

Youth Summit!
August 2022 

The Youth Summit was held at Keuka College this year, and is an opportunity for Reality Check youth from across New York State to attend trainings and participate in activities that build skills in leadership, team building and self-empowerment.

Photo shows Central Region youth and coordinators celebrating their amazing time preparing to be agents of change in the community


Congratulations Addison & Lara!

Addison Jackson and Lara Tefft, both freshmen from Norwich Reality Check in Chenango County, won Best Group Performance for the Statewide Smoke-free Movies video contest. Their video raises awareness about the manipulative tactics used by the tobacco industry to market their products in films, impacting youth initiation of these products. Awesome job!

Find their video here.

Seeking to Quit?


Our New York State Health Systems for a Tobacco Free NY partners have added free online cessation classes this year!

Click here for more info.

Check out additional resources to help you or a loved one quit tobacco.

While smoking cessation has long been important for improving health, it is perhaps even more timely now, given our current public health crisis. Experts suggest that smokers – with their compromised respiratory systems – may face increased risk of developing a serious infection from COVID-19. Quitting now decreases your vulnerability to the disease.


Attention Local Providers!

The Central New York Regional Center for Tobacco Health Systems at St. Joseph's Health assists our area health care systems to improve the reach and delivery of evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment to residents who smoke or use other tobacco products. Staff work with hospitals, community health centers, federally qualified health centers, and mental health and behavioral health service agencies, with a focus on agencies and organizations that serve people with low education, low income or mental illness.

Click here for their contact information!