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What's New in The Zone?

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Drop The Vape Materials Now Available!

The NYS Dept. of Health has developed posters, palm cards, and rack cards for middle schools and high schools/young adults.

Free materials are available here to view and download and print.


Contact Tobacco Free Zone staff!


Leading the Way for a Tobacco-Free Generation

Reality Check is a youth led, adult supported movement in New York State that empowers youth to become leaders in their communities, exposing the manipulative and deceptive marketing tactics of the tobacco industry.

Producing positive change in their community!


Make Your Property Tobacco-Free! 

We are inviting community worksites & establishments to join us in building healthier spaces and supporting people who are motivated and attempting quitting tobacco,

Implementing a tobacco-free grounds policy creates a healthy, accessible environment for everyone…and we’re here to help!



Want to Quit?

Our New York State Health Systems for a Tobacco Free NY partners have added free online cessation classes this year!

Click here for more info.

Check out additional resources to help you or a loved one quit tobacco.

While smoking cessation has long been important for improving health, it is perhaps even more timely now, given our current public health crisis. Experts suggest that smokers – with their compromised respiratory systems – may face increased risk of developing a serious infection from COVID-19. Quitting now decreases your vulnerability to the disease.

Attention Local Providers!


*Chenango & Cortland Counties

The Central New York Regional Center for Tobacco Health Systems at St. Joseph's Health assists area providers in Chenango & Cortland Counties to improve the reach and delivery of evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment to residents who use tobacco products. Staff work with hospitals, community health centers, federally qualified health centers, and mental health and behavioral health service agencies, with a focus on agencies and organizations that serve people with low education, low income or mental illness.

Click here for more info!

*Tompkins County

The Center for a Tobacco-Free Finger Lakes (CTFFL) at the University of Rochester Medical Center assists partners in Tompkins County to improve the reach and delivery of evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment to residents who use tobacco products. Partners include medical and behavioral health care systems, community health centers, and more!  

CTFFL provides a free training called “Train-The-Trainer” for 15 to 60 minutes at a time of your convenience. This model of training for your health system (in person or via zoom) can be scheduled by contacting CTFFL at (585) 802-9944 or via e-mail.

Click here for more info!

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