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You may have heard that vaping is safer than cigarettes. But safer doesn't mean safe.

Vaping can have real risks for both mental and physical health.

Most vaping devices contain nicotine. Nicotine is super-harmful to developing brains. Toxic chemicals and metals have also been found in these products.

Tobacco companies have a lot of money to try to convince young people that vaping nicotine relieves stress. If you've ever thought smoking or vaping were stress-relievers, it's not because they're actually stress-relievers, even though it can feel that way, briefly. Research shows quitting nicotine is associated with lower levels of anxiety, stress & depression.

Plus, the tobacco industry has a long history of lying to, profiling, and targeting Black and LGBTQ+ communities.

Did You Know?

Vapes contain varying amounts of toxic substances like arsenic, aluminum and lead, which affect the nervous system and can leave you at risk of depression.

We invite you to learn more about how vaping impacts health and the environment, as well as how the industry markets their products by visiting Truth.

Reality Check is a youth-led movement in New York State that empowers young people to become leaders in their communities, exposing the deceptive marketing tactics of the tobacco industry.

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Thinking About Quitting Vaping?

You're not alone.

There's free help and it's all confidential!

Text:   DropTheVape to 88709

for persons ages 13-24

for more support, click here

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Are you a parent, educator or medical professional looking for more info about vaping?  Click here


Tompkins County Whole Health, in partnership with the Tobacco Free Zone program & the Tompkins County Community Coalition for Healthy Youth, developed this campaign, aimed at young people, to raise awareness about the impacts of vaping.

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