Is there anything tobacco companies wouldn't do to get cigarettes in front of our kids?
Tobacco companies are spending billions to put their products in front of our kids in stores.
And the more kids see tobacco, the more likely they are to start smoking.
According to the Surgeon General’s report, tobacco marketing is a principle cause of underage smoking.

Local License

By requiring a license for the sale of tobacco products, a community can then set limits on tobacco sales & accessibility

  • Location (e.g. stores near schools)

  • Number (e.g. density of tobacco/vape outlets)

  • Type (e.g. prohibit sale in pharmacies)

  • Other (e.g. prohibit use of discounts & coupons)


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Like licensing, zoning is an effective way to reduce the density and location of tobacco retailers. Zoning and conditional use permits can be used to:

  • Location (e.g. stores near schools)

  • Number (e.g. density of tobacco/vape outlets)



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Tobacco Free Pharmacies

Selling tobacco in pharmacies sends a mixed message to consumers about the dangers of tobacco products, makes it harder for smokers to quit, and is a conflict of interest for pharmacists.


A tobacco sales restriction can be implemented through a local ordinance.



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Effective Policy Solutions

Policy, systems, and environment change are tools to change the places where people live and make the healthy choice the easy choice. States and localities can now regulate the time, place and manner that tobacco is distributed.

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